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Dooney and Bourke Count

Dooney and Bourke Count

Dooney Count
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Dooney and Bourke Count

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Welcome to Dooney and Bourke Count.

This community is all about Dooney and Bourke and how much you have
The idea of this came from lambcount and conversecount and the new community coach_countand works the same way
When joining please post how many Dooney items you own, and I will update the count.


  • Off Topic post will be deleted
  • No Rudeness
  • If you have more than 1 photo it must be behind an lj cut

  • You can post sales posts as long as they are Dooney items only!.

    Moderator: kristeniness, sarah84182 and so_hawt

    Dooney Counts

    nawteekittyjenn: 57
    politicking: 10
    so_hawt: 10
    hiddenglitter: 10
    fairydust311: 9
    lovehermadly: 9
    bacardtay: 8
    usagimylene: 7
    purpleflower: 7
    kiya71677: 6
    efaulkner: 6
    _burst: 5
    sweetlilcanuck: 5
    misskrisha: 4
    darthsarah: 4
    alatrop: 4
    xbutterflyzx: 3
    xxsprvxnxx: 3
    weasleysmyking: 3
    dreammeavixen: 3
    kristeniness: 3
    absolut_heather: 2
    laworderlv: 2
    sarah84182: 2
    pink_princess02: 2
    emmy0001: 2
    prettypentacle4: 2
    lessthanthreee: 2
    paint_water: 1
    xdooneyfreakx: 1